A Photo of Stefanie (in front of a Sol LeWitt painting

Fun(ish) Facts:

  • I am a Biology major with a concentration in Mind, Brain, and Behavior
  • Publicity Intern with SPARC
  • Former teaching fellow for Citizen Science
  • I like to paint portraits
  • Cat Person
  • Will consume just about anything that has spinach or peanut butter in it
  • Does daily crossword puzzles
  • Can make you a paper crane on demand
  • Musically illiterate

  • What does she do though?

    Stefanie and 2 research partners dramatically point to their Xenopus laevis publication

    A "True Facts" video I recorded and coded with Python and a Scribbler robot:

    I also use this wikipedia photo as my header on every social media site I'm on:

    Boops boops in a bucket

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